HCMDM Leadership

Greg Fairnak

Managing Director

Before HCMDM, Greg Fairnak was chief architect for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), Federal Health Architecture (FHA) CONNECT Program. In this role, he worked with over 200 diverse federal agencies, states and private sector organizations to enhance health information sharing between organizations. He is a subject matter expert, and critical thinker able to reduce complex issues into manageable steps. He has extensive experience in information technology, consulting on high-visibility projects at HHS, DOD, NIH and CMS. Greg and his team of consultants help organizations identify the patient or provider, clean up their data, share information with others and perform healthcare analytics. Mr. Fairnak is active in the Health IT community, lending expertise to initiatives such as Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Center, Center for Medicare Enterprise Transformation and the National Health Information Network. He also has experience in working with organizations such as the Department of Defense Health Affairs to modernize their electronic health records system. Mr. Fairnak actively works on issues related to electronic health records interoperability and founded a special interest group to explore these issues.