What am I reading?

It has been a while since I have posted an updated blog.  Business has been busy and we are writing more and more deliverables every day.  Over the past few months, I have been having debates with myself about UML.  Why is it that we can work on complex problems but no one sees the value of modeling?  How can a business analyst perform requirements work in a spreadsheet without applying the concepts of object oriented thinking and using UML to document their understanding of the problem space?  Well maybe the answer to that will be another blog.  Anyhow, I started thinking about frameworks that can guide the pictures we draw to share what we know with others.  In Dan Roam's book, "The Back of the Napkin", he presents us with a "meta-model" that we can use to draw better pictures.  It will clearly have an effect on what I produce next and I hope you find this book useful too!  Have a great day and stay tuned for our new website.

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