Key Benefits

Purpose-built team from the ground up expressly for the purpose of improving an enterprise's healthcare architecture and master data management capabilities which has been proven successful for a number of our healthcare clients across the country, too.

Building an effective Health IT solution to a business challenge requires a strong understanding of the enterprise by the solution provider. With hundreds of different information systems throughout a healthcare organization, information can come from many places and in many formats. There are often meaningful relationships between various sources of data, yet it must be aggregated, standardized, and viewed in a manner that will allow insightful business decisions. Healthcare MDM’s advanced data management suite of health services and expertise enables our clients to turn disparate data elements into actionable and relevant information and improving and protecting the quality of life.

Healthcare MDM has helped clients achieve their Health IT Goals through Enterprise Architecture and Master Data Management by realizing:

  • Improved interoperability of enterprise systems
  • Lowered cost to manage your data
  • Repair and Fix incomplete and duplicate records
  • Maintain current and accurate data across systems
  • Ability to manage data on a single infrastructure
  • Manage data quality through an established governance process
  • Create trusted data that eliminates administrative waste

Healthcare MDM helps both providers and payors reduce costs and realize driven results using proven methodologies and software practices:


  • Reduction of time for reimbursement
  • Maintain program integrity and enhance fraud detection
  • Avoid duplication and improve data quality


  • Manage data on customers, partners, providers, and product offerings
  • Organize and maintain an effective provider directory using Big Data
  • Deliver and integrate provider information for provider engagement programs