Healthcare Payers

Payers are experiencing their own challenges related to healthcare reform. 

Examples of these challenges include:

  • Regulatory changes, together with market dynamics, are adversely impacting   their ability to generate revenue, efficiently process claims, and respond to unforeseen changes
  • Labor-intensive, costly and slow data analysis and management  
  • Access and analysis to data stored in a number of legacy systems and silos
  • Adjusting to bundled payments as the new payment structure.

Healthcare MDM’s technology consulting services can help payer organizations connect disparate pieces of patient, provider and member information across hospitals, clinics and lines of business, into a single, actionable view.   Results will include:

  • Healthcare organizations can roll out predictive analytics, to pinpoint emerging opportunities for better doctor/patient care
  • Insurance plans can ensure a consistent patient experience across various communication platforms such as:  phone, smart phone and computer etc.
  • Health plans can create and encourage treatment protocols based on demonstrated outcomes
  • Healthcare organizations can speed up system integration  projects after mergers and acquisitions